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Manage your guards, residents, and apartment from a single app
Guard tasks

Get gated community like security for your apartment

Say goodbye to inefficient guards and unmonitored visitor logs.

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Welcome to the future of Apartment Security

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Resident app

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Administrator app

Guard app

Smart Residents

Residents can request favors from building security guards from the app. You also get 24/7 support from 56 safety agents during an emergency both in and out of your apartment

Connected Admins

View and manage all apartment residents, visitor management & all guard task completion through a single dashboard.

Tech-enabled Guards

Simple Yes/No based assisted instructions are shown on the app for your existing guards to perform their duty diligently.

Premium apartment security for the best protection

Convenience delivered to every resident

Personal security for every family member

Tap SOS and get certified agents to immediately assist you whether you are in or out of your apartment. No questions asked.

Manage Visitors

Approve/Reject visitors who enter/exit your apartment from your phone.

Get Parcels

Request for delivery parcels to be delivered to your doorstep.

Open the Gate

Inform guards to keep the gates opened while returning back home with just a tap.

Call your guard

Call the active building guard with a single tap in the app.

Optional professional guard

deployment that suites your need and budget

Security checks by 56

View logs of patrol checks done by 56 safety agents.

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Hassle-free apartment management on the go

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Smart Daily Reports

Get smart reports of daily visitors/vehicles entering and leaving your apartment.

Automate guard duty

Assign routine tasks for guards to complete. Guards have a separate easy to use app that automatically assigns tasks given by any resident/apartment manager.

Improve existing guards alertness

56 safety agents regularly check on your guard's duties and ensure they are alert all the time.

Visitor alerts

Get 24/7 automated alerts of visitors and vehicles passing by.

Remote camera monitoring

View live camera footage from anywhere.

Video History, Saving, and Sharing

Your recordings are stored on an SD card, so you can watch, share or download them anytime.

How does it work?

Secure your apartment in less than 24hrs

Experience Security both - In and Out of your Flat

Professional safety agents

PSARA certified agents are trained to assist you in any situation.

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24/7 Command center

Security experts who ensure a 100% response rate to every emergency

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Smart AI Cameras

Get automated alerts and intelligent monitoring of detections.

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User-Friendly App

Our app is designed for all age groups so every family member can enjoy the benefits and live securely.

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