Ready to help.

Our team of safety agents patrol your
neighbourhood and are always on the lookout
for any suspicious activity.

Say goodbye to
inefficient security guards

We at 56, handpick and deploy only the best guards to patrol the city and ensure every subscriber is safe Being vigilant and proactive is one of the main criteria required to qualify as a 56 Safety agent. Now you can be completely assured of your safety!

Proactive checks and patrols

Government Approved
Well trained
Have vetted background

How does this benefit you?

You feel more confident knowing that 56 safety agents are always around you.
You always have a reliable person to help in times of need.
You feel assured that 56 can handle any distress situation and keep you safe.
Feel empowered and confident about your safety

A network of agents always there for you

A safer community starts with you. Get all the latest updates of incidents happening around you. Join in on the conversation and contribute to keeping others safe.

Success stories

Prevented mishaps

Our agents proactively intervened and helped avert serious incidents from occurring.

Medical assistance

Our agents have assisted multiple elderly people in first aid, carrying them, assisting them in hospitalisation and more.

Found and rescued

Our command centre coordinates with our network of safety agents to help find missing people & pets.

De-escalated a confrontation

Our team has intervened and helped prevent multiple fights from becoming violent.

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Police liaisoning

Our team works together with the local police and hands over any culprits if they cause any public nuisance or commit a crime.


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