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Protecting you always
56 Secure is just a tap away to ensure you are safe and protected, always

Your safety is our priority

We deploy a network of professional safety agents to patrol the area and ensure that we are always ready to help you in times of need.

Personal safety in every situation

Got an emergency!

Just tap SOS on the app and get a safety agent to assist you in 2 minutes during any emergency.

Commuting in a cab?

Share your live location with us while commuting & we’ll monitor and intervene if you are in danger.

Need some extra muscle?

Get access to rent a professional male/female bodyguard starting at just Rs.199/hour.

Personal security starting at just Rs.299/month

Success Stories

Found my lost puppy

My puppy went missing when I reached home. I got really scared and immediately tapped on the SOS. Their team coordinated and found him In less than 19 mins.

My lost wallet was returned

My wallet went missing after shopping. I searched my home thoroughly but couldn&pos;t find it. After a while, I got a call from team 56. Their guard found my wallet during their patrols. They traced my details and handed over my wallet in person.

Confronted a stalker

I was walking back home with a friend after a late-night party. We noticed that someone was following us but did not dare look back. That’s when we saw 56’s guard on his scooty. We approached him to handle the issue.

Secure yourself at just Rs.299/month

Carry safety in your pocket

Rapid response

Get a safety agent to your location in 2 minutes, no matter what your request is. No questions asked!

Proactive safety agents

Safety agents patrol 24/7 and actively intervene in case of any suspicious activity.

Certified safety agents

Trained professionals assist you during any emergency situation

Smart app

View all nearby patrol agents right from your phone.

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protection to
keep you safe

Certified safety agents

All 56 safety agents are PSARA certified. They are trained to handle any security-related situation.

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24/7 Command center

Our security experts are ready to help you
anywhere, anytime. No questions asked.

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Smart App

Our easy-to-use app is designed to protect individuals
of all age groups. Your safety is just a tap away.

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Designed to protect you no matter where you are
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