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Our expert security solves practically every risk area, allowing you to focus on what matters most, your business

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A Complete security solution for your store

56 Secure provides a combination of smart AI security cameras, patrolling security guards and a smart app for the best store security

Ai powered camera

Intelligent alerts let you know what\'s happening in your store and take action immediately.

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User friendly app

The easy to use app lets you monitor your physical store from anywhere, on the go.

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24x7 Patrolling

Our network of safety agents patrols your area day and night to give the most rapid and effective response during an SOS.

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How can our subscription help your store?

Our complete security system, which includes smart AI cameras, patrol guards, and a user-friendly app that creates a proactive system and prevents crime from happening.

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5 mins emergency assistance

Professional guards are your first responders in distress, anytime, anywhere

During store theft

During employee medical emergencies

Store Vandalism

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Assign tasks

Our patrols agents check your store on your behalf

Security during restocking

Check store operations

Check store timing

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AI Cameras

Remotely view, share and download camera footage on the go. So you can sit back and relax

Facial recognition

Inbuilt siren to scare intruders

Talk through your camera

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Smart eye

Our Cameras automatically alert the nearest guard during an intrusion

Camera alert monitoring by 56 Secure

Automatic security intervention

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Comprehensive Insurance coverage

Our partners provide easy claim handling during:

Thefts, riots


Natural disasters

Impact damage and more

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